The Institut universitaire du cancer

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At the heart of the Toulouse Oncopole, patient care will be centred around an innovative clinical department where all Claudius Regaud Institute's teams and equipment will be located. Partners of this project are the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU), private clinics and the liberal medical sector, the Etablissement Français du Sang, the regional cancer network ONCOMIP, and the University and General Hospitals. The organisation of this 60000 m2 centre enables professionals to easily communicate with each other. It is focussed on providing the latest treatments and represents the future for oncology centres.




With 306 beds, this clinical centre brings together all the means necessary for rapidly transferring research advances to the patient's bed. The centre treats all cancers and relies on established fields of expertise at the Claudius Regaud Institute and at the university hospital of Toulouse: hematology, gynaeco-senology, melanomas, digestive and upper aero-digestive tract cancers.

In 2014, the Claudius Regaud Institute will settle in the Institute universitaire du cancer.



Developing personalised medical treatments

The objectives of this medical-scientific project are focussed on obtaining fast results in molecular modelling for a prognosis, the analysis of response biomarkers and resistance to treatments. This centre will concentrate on high tech techniques, diagnostics and treatments (scans, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, anatomical pathology) linked to research centres (molecular and cellular imaging, biotreatments, biological resources). Toulouse will provide patients with an environment using exceptional methods and skills. The patient will be given personalised care including uncovering their genomic profile and their micro environment and analysing each stage of the their care including after the cancer has been treated.


The clinique universitaire du cancer : the components
























Technical descriptive

An Outpatient Pluridisciplinary Evaluation Centre

As a resort consultations centre, it will group together the expertise of the whole Institut universitaire du cancer’s partners in every oncology disciplines. The patient could be sent to it by his first care structure for specific or complex pathologies. He will be received in the frame of a consultation gathering several specialists (radiotherapist, medical oncologist, surgeon…) from the different partner structures. The main objective is to give him the soonest possible a refined diagnosis, a treatment plan and an orientation towards the structure the most adapted to his care.



A mutual hospitalisation platform comprising 306 beds and rooms

  • the Claudius Regaud Institute with unchanged capacity (medicine, surgery, radiotherapy)
  • some Public Hospital (CHU) activities
    70 beds and rooms for haemato-oncology including 4 paediatrics beds
  • shared activities between CHU and Institut Claudius Regaud
    12 beds for metabolic irradiation ;
    50 beds and rooms shared between both public and private partners (innovation and research) ;
    Implantation of beds for multidisciplinary medical oncology ;
    Implantation of beds for surgical oncology (shared for projects) ;
    Implantation of Gynaecology-Senology activity ;
    Implantation of Onco-Dermatology activity.


A clinical research unit at the heart of the system
For a cancer patient, taking part in a therapeutic trial guarantees a good care quality because it enables to benefit quickly from research advances, concerning new molecules or new equipment. The « Clinique universitaire du cancer » will be provided with a clinical research unit, in charge of therapeutic trials’ coordination. The unit will lean on :

  • 2 day hospitalisation units (22 rooms) and 8 beds for conventional hospitalisation, disposing of specific resources ;
  • a Clinical Study Office in charge of trials’ coordination ;
  • and a promotion-management-data analysis cell.


Diagnostic and therapeutic technical platforms shared between partners

  • 5 surgical units ;
  • 1 intensive care/monitoring unit
  • 1 radiotherapy platform comprising 5 rooms and 2 innovation rooms ;
  • one nuclear medicine platform (2 PET Scans) ;
  • one imaging platform ;
  • Public Hospital biology services related to haematology
  • a pathological anatomy service shared between Public Hospital and Institut Claudius Regaud
  • a mutual oncology pharmacy (radiopharmacy, cytostatics preparations, pharmacology) ;
  • Implantation of cellular engineering activity from French Blood Establishment.


Research and innovation platforms

In addition to the clinical research unit, the Institut universitaire du cancer will be provided with research and innovation platforms that will be used by the whole care and research partners :

  • A biological resources centre ;
  • 1 platform dedicated to molecular analysis of biological samples ;
  • 1 imaging platform ;
  • 1 biotherapies platform (French Blood Establishment).





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